Taking a Taormina Tour

Taormina tour

The most famous cathedral in Taormina is the Duomo escursioni da Taormina, which is dedicated to San Nicolo di Bari. Built around 1400 AD, it boasts several architectural styles including Byzantine, Norman, and Arabic. The cathedral is located near the Moorish Palazzo Corvaja, which was a fortress built by the Arabs. The city is famous for its breathtaking views of Mt. Etna and is a great place for photography.

The Secret Of Taking A Taormina Tour

The historic center of Taormina is a picturesque hamlet that is characterized by narrow cobblestone streets. Most of the buildings date from the 15th century, but some have been restored and are now used as concert venues. Taking a tour here is a must for those who want to see this part of Sicily. The Greek-Roman Theatre is a landmark that is also a great place to watch a local opera performance.

Parking in Taormina is a major problem, and you’ll likely be paying a higher rate than in other parts of Sicily. You’ll want to park outside the town’s historic center, so you can walk around the town. A guided tour of the town is a must, and the guide will meet you there. The city’s streets are small, and it’s easy to get lost in them, but it is a special experience to attend a show.