Global Talent Stream Program Requirements and Guide

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global talent stream

The Global Talent Stream is yet another part of a wider Global Skills Strategy by SAP to help Canadian companies like start-ups, flourish. In Canada, SAP has invested nearly C $1 Billion in our country and we all know what that investment has created – jobs, infrastructure and more opportunities for our people. The Global Talent Stream will support our economy by helping new companies start up, improve their products and find clients in the right locations and with the right people.

There are two categories under the Global Talent Stream – the very high skilled temporary foreign worker and the highly skilled foreign exchange worker. Each category represents roughly 25% of the total number of people that can come to Canada to work and study. So, if you want to bring a highly skilled foreign national or even two, three or four workers to Canada, you need to have an application that fits into one of the two categories. There is a simple application process that is detailed in the Global Talent Stream Program Requirements Guide and a detailed application checklist. For most companies, the main requirement is for the H-1B visa, which are for skilled workers, but it does depend on the other factors.

When you are ready to apply for the global talent stream requirements, make sure that you understand the labour market, are able to demonstrate that you meet all the Global talent requirements, are able to provide all of the required documentation and prove that your application fits into one of the two categories – either the high-skilled temporary foreign worker or the highly skilled foreign exchange person. For any of the workers or the labour contractors you want to bring to Canada, the important thing is that you fill out the forms and send them to the correct Global talent agency so they can get the people you need to fill out the available positions. Please read the entire Global Talent Stream Program Requirements Guide carefully before beginning your application.

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