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Mexican Car Insurance For Canadian Tourists

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If you are a Canadian and you are planning on visiting Mexico, one thing that you should consider is purchasing Mexican car insurance for Canadian tourists. The reason why you want to purchase insurance from Mexico is because it will be beneficial for you as well as the Mexican government. Since we are already Canadians living in Mexico, we should be able to buy Mexican auto insurance for tourists at the same Mexican insurance store that we buy our regular insurance from.

Mexican Car Insurance

You see, Mexico has a very high crime rate and there have been a lot of incidents of murder and rape in Mexico. That’s why the Mexican government is very strict when it comes to security. That’s also why you want to purchase Mexican auto insurance if you are a tourist in Mexico. You are probably thinking that since you are a tourist you don’t really need any type of insurance, right? Wrong, because you are driving a vehicle that may not even be allowed in Mexico and if your car is stolen or vandalized, you will need to pay thousands of dollars towards repairs or replacement.

Purchasing Mexican car insurance for Canadian tourists is also important because the first thing that the Mexican authorities will do if you are arrested is to find out if you are a Canadian citizen or not. If you are arrested and held without charge, you will most likely be questioned about your citizenship. If you are unable to provide any proof that you are Canadian, you will most likely be given a provisional passport which will allow you to travel to other countries until you can prove that you are a Canadian citizen by means of a proper Mexican visa. That is why you need Mexican car insurance to be able to drive your car legally in Mexico.

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