Natural Cork Yoga Mat Pros and Cons

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natural cork yoga mat

Natural Cork Yoga Mat is gaining popularity among the yoga practitioners all over the world. This material has been found out to have several benefits and few cons attached with it. These benefits and cons of Natural Cork Mat are explained in this article below. If you are looking to buy a new yoga mat, this article may help you out in getting the right one for your benefit.

There are mainly two types of natural cork yoga mat available in the market. These are the original cork material as well as the latest synthetic rubber based mats. Both of these mats come with pros and cons. You need to analyze yourself whether you are comfortable with these mats or not before buying them. Some of the pros and cons of these mats include:

One of the greatest pros of buying a Natural Cork Yoga Mat is that they are extremely durable. They can withstand all types of weather conditions like heat, moisture, humidity and even chemicals like chlorine and detergents. Apart from this, they are also made up of absorbent non-slip rubber that ensures the safety of your feet. The special property of absorbing moisture enables these cork yoga mats to offer the utmost comfort to the user.

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